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Panel Radiator description :

Panel Radiator description:
• The electric radiant panel heaters supplied by Redwood will heat up your room in just a few minutes. Night storage and underfloor systems will not do this and tend to waste heat by being on when you don¡¯t need them or take a long time to heat up to a comfortable temperature. Electric radiant panel heaters won¡¯t blow dust and pollen around the room or dry the air so much as to cause stuffiness and drowsiness and their thermostats will control the temperature to your requirement.
• Running costs can be calculated by taking your electricity supplier¡¯s cost per kilowatt hour for the first hour (usually about 6p - 7p) and multiplying that by the power output of the heater. The room will be up to your required temperature well before the first hour has passed. Subsequent hours will be costed at 30% less as the thermostat will switch the heater off for part of the time. Of course everyone¡¯s conservatory and location is different so these calculations can only be a guide.

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Company Introduce :RedWood is founded in JAN.2008, as a sub company of Wante Ltd., which was founded in 1988.

As an expert of manufacture precision hardware and special motor shell, REDWOOD having 10,000 square meters factory, 30 pressing machines, experinced and professional engineers of electric appliances.
REDWOOD could design and produce the following products for any kind of customers¡¯ request.
Despite being a new-born company, REDWOOD has therefore consolidated its position as an innovator in the life improvement sector. Thought, innovation and technology will character the growth and the commercial development of REDWOOD.
Redwood's Mission
REDWOOD has given itself the task of providing appliances to fitting in family environment, and improving our life. Redwood¡¯s Faith
Professional Leads Quality, Innovation Advances Value. Redwood's Expertise
For appliances aesthetically suited to the architectural environment, REDWOOD has the knowledge and ability to design and manufacture them. Redwood¡¯s Value
Our main values are carrying out responsibility, continuous improvement.

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